3 Tips for Tackling Cystic Acne Holistically

Girl…. I have been there. I know how frustrating, annoying and discouraging it must be. That’s why I am here to shine a light on some underlying issues that may be contributing to your acne. And no, it’s not a new and natural face wash though I’m all for those. This is about taking a step back and looking at the big picture of your health.

There are 3 things I aim to address with clients that are looking to resolve cystic acne. *I do want to note that if you are currently on hormonal birth control as a means of reigning in the acne flares, unfortunately you may experience the same if not worse symptoms once you come off the pill because of the way your hormones have been suppressed. But you can definitely start with these tips as well. They are helpful for those that are acne free even. And if you decide to transition off HBC, these will set you up for success.

Blood Sugar

Stable blood sugar not only offers stable energy but it gives your body a sense of security and safety. When we are riding what I call the blood sugar rollercoaster of drastic highs and lows, our body jumps into desperation mode switching on adrenaline and the main offender, cortisol. When cortisol is prioritized, all reproductive hormones are pushed to the sidelines. And it makes sense, why would our body permit another being to be conceived in an environment it deems as unsafe? 

What can you do?

-Aim to eat balanced meals or snacks every 2-3 hours to support blood sugar. And by balanced I mean one that includes a protein, carb and fat source. This will help to slow the glucose surge into the bloodstream and allow the body time to digest and absorb all the nutrient goodness. 

-Make sure you are eating enough throughout the day, ideally 2,200-2,400 calories per day. Remember, the body needs to feel safe.

-Limit consumption of processed foods and refined sugars. These will only further stress the body by sparking inflammation internally. 

-Reduce caffeine consumption, or swap for dandelion root tea. This tea acts as a double whammy here, as it’s pretty neutral in flavor (making it a great coffee substitute) and it supports the optimal liver detoxification.

Support the Liver

The liver is very overlooked especially when it comes to hormone imbalances. Oftentimes adult acne in general is caused by an imbalance known as estrogen dominance. The liver is the main detoxification organ and when supported properly can continue to detoxify the body in a healthy way. None of these quick cleanses or drastic detoxes that leave you feeling worse than before. 

What can you do?

-Castor Oil Packs 3-5x per week-Supports overall function of the liver

-Dry brushing-stimulates lymphatic system and encourages detox pathways

-Dandelion root tea-encourages bile production

-Beets-amazing bile booster and support for liver health

-Assess and swap personal care products-Using an app like think dirty a goal # should be between 0-3 on the toxicity scale once scanned

-Shop organic produce to reduce toxic contributions from pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s and other chemicals

-Opt for grass-fed/pasture-raised meat and poultry to limit intake of growth hormones and other chemicals

-Reduce consumption of refined/processed foods. Aim to eat as many whole foods as possible.

Support your gut

Most likely the terrain of your microbiome has been affected by diet, antibiotics, HBC, pathogens and potentially parasites. If your gut isn’t in good working order, it’s not able to keep things moving and by things I mean toxins and unnecessary hormones *cough**cough* estrogen! 

What can you do?

-Take a quality probiotic, I like Just Thrive brand or Mega sporebiotic to support a good level of those friendly gut bugs

-Make sure you’re consuming plenty of nutrient-dense fiber sources on a weekly basis

-Stay hydrated to keep things MOOOving, aiming for at least ½ your bodyweight in ounces per day.

If I could sum up this entire post, I’d say, aim to view the body in a more holistic way. It can be so easy to try and directly address the acne with creams, pills and masks, but it’s really just a red flag of something deeper that’s going on. So take some deep breaths, and get excited because just learning about these truths can spark that desire to heal! It sure did for me!

Till next time,


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