Dry brushing for hormone balance

Are you detoxing properly?

I told my husband the other day if I could date any organ of the body, it would be the liver, hands down!

The liver is responsible for over 500 functions of the body, think of it like an excellent CEO, operating in a way that both cleanses and nourishes the body. But the thing is many stressors like diet, environmental toxins, difficult seasons, medications for example put a HEAVY burden on the liver.

2 major responsibilities the liver has that specifically pertain to hormone health are blood sugar regulation through glycogenolysis and the elimination of excess hormones. One of these hormones that is elevated in many women is estrogen. Excess estrogen can be connected to menstrual cramps, heavy flows, and breast tenderness. So if the liver is overburdened by other duties, it’s not able to effectively support hormone balance.

Here are some red flag symptoms that can be connected to your liver being a little sluggish/congested:
-Pain between shoulder blades
-Nausea/motion sickness
-Dry skin, itchy feet
-Headaches over the eyes
-Easily intoxicated/hungover
-Sensitive to chemicals like perfume and solvents
-Stinky sweat
-Airborne allergies
-Bizarre nightmares
-Feeling spacey
-Post-coffee jitters
Just to name a few…

Even if you only checked off ONE of those symptoms, you’re liver needs some love. Remember anything you can do to lighten the load on the liver will be helpful for your hormones, cravings, digestive health and more.

Here are some easy ways to begin supporting your liver:

Castor Oil Packs 3-5x per week-Supports overall function of the liver
-Dry brushing-stimulates lymphatic system and encourages detox pathways
-Dandelion root tea-encourages bile production
-Shop organic produce to reduce toxic contributions from pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s and other chemicals
-Reduce consumption of refined/processed foods. Aim to eat as many whole foods as possible.

Health can simpler than you think! Especially when you’re putting blinders on and focusing on what is best for YOUR body. If you’re looking for clarity and tailored support, head on over to my services page. You’ll find it’s gotten quite the makeover for 2023!

Until next time, nourish well my friend!


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