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Clear Skin Tips for Summer

Summer is upon us!

I don’t know about you but I am ready for some sunshine and outdoor fun!

And I’m sure you have experienced, with more heat and humidity often comes more breakouts!


So what is there to do to be proactive with your skin as things are warming up and you’re getting ready to lay on a tropical beach somewhere with your fave book?

I’ve got you girl!

Exfoliating: I learned quickly last summer living in a pretty humid home…(another story for another day) that exfoliation can be a helpful tool to keep things from getting clogged. Exfoliation will look different from person to person considering your sensitivity and skin-type, but here are some of my go-to’s you can try this summer.

-facial dry brushing in the morning after cleansing

Primally pure has a great facial dry brush you can try out as well as how-to guides for starting this simple practice. *I wouldn’t use the same brush you normally do to body dry brush as those can be more abrasive, and you wouldn’t want to transfer bacteria.

-clay mask 1-2x per week adjusting the setting time based on sensitivity. Here’s my favorite brand.

Hydrating properly: Clear dewy skin is reliant upon many factors, as I’m sure you’ve gathered if you’ve followed along for a while but it’s so easy to get dehydrated in the Summer! Proper hydration is essential for encourage health detoxification and smooth BM’s. Just think about it this way, daily BM’s=elimination of toxins. Less toxins= clearer skin. But I don’t want you just chugging plain water.. that can flush key minerals your body needs. I like to incorporate Redmond Re-Lyte Hydration powder into my routine 1-2x daily depending on how much I’m sweating and my activity levels. 

Use code: DENAE10 to save 10% at checkout.

Ramp up detoxification: I briefly touched on this in the last point. The goal is to shuttle toxins out the right way, into the toilet, not your skin. Right? 

One way to do this is to cut back on alcohol, now I know don’t come at me just yet. I encourage you to find other options to support your liver and ease the burden. Liver health is essential if you want to have clear skin. And pulling back on the alcohol content is going to be helpful for your health in the long-run. 

Some non-alcoholic options I like sipping on in the Summer are:

-Olipop (I personally love the cream soda, strawberries + cream, and peaches and cream)

-Adrenal Cocktails. Check out my go-to dreamsicle inspired recipe here, or browse instagram. There are so many fun combos out there. Some that use lemon, lime etc. 

Want to learn more about how to Detox properly, I’ve got just the masterclass for you! Learn how to support this area of health in just 45 minutes. Click here to sign up + watch instantly.

Manage stress: I know it sounds simple but getting that overwhelm, and fast heart rate, racing thought-life under control is going to be so helpful for clearing your skin. Blood sugar responds very quickly to stressful scenarios (real or anticipated) and causes fluctuations with our insulin and cortisol. Overtime, this can drive up androgens which are one of the main causes of cystic acne. 

Ever wonder why digestion feels a little easier while lounging on a beach somewhere? It’s because that’s how it functions best, when you’re relaxed and chilled.

Some of my personal fave activities to manage stress are basic but they get the job done. 

-Reading, currently diving into the Throne of Glass series, wish me luck haha!

-Going for morning walks before it gets too hot

-Laying on my acupressure mat at the end of the day to relieve any physical tension

-Spending time in the word, or journaling and prayer

SPF with intention: I’ll be realllllllll transparent here. I am not normally an SPF wearing girly. I spend way more time inside usually so I don’t have that habit established. But as I have been learning more about the benefits of SPF in regards to healing acne scars, I have invested more interest and practice into it. I will say not all sunscreen is created equal, and us acne-prone girlies need to play with it a bit to find ones that don’t cause flares. But I found one that has been just right for me and the perfect addition if I know I’m going to be outside more during the day. It actually feels lightweight and moisturizing but not too heavy. That’s been a point of concern for me.

Is it going to clog my pores?

Is it going to impact my hormones?

And this one I’d say is pretty good in both departments!

I will say, the types of fats you consume regularly can also have an impact on how sensitive your skin is to the sun. But that’s a conversation for another day!

If you’re ready to get to get back to the basics when it comes to clear skin, The Cystic to Confident Course is just for you! And what better time to do it, than this Summer?!

Covering everything from optimal gut health, to blood sugar regulation, stress management and everything in between. This course is your one-stop shop to learn about how to get your body back into balance so that your skin can heal.

Learn more about the course here.

So I hope you enjoyed this blog post, if you’ve read this far! Thank you for being here and committing to learning more about your health and how to support clear skin through the ebbs and flows of the season.

Until next time,

Stay nourished dear friend!


*this post contains links to products, some that I am affiliated with

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