Cystic to Confident Course

The step-by-step guide and toolkit you need to clear your acne holistically.

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What if you could have clear, radiant skin without

-removing all your favorite foods

-having to get on yet another medication

-investing your whole paycheck into the latest + greatest skincare lineup

+ as a bonus perk in supporting your health to have clear skin from the inside out

you also get easier periods that mean…

-Not having to cancel plans because you’ve got a Netflix date with your heating pad

-Sleeping through the night without waking up to change your tampon

-Not feeling bound to the toilet with period poops or nausea

-Not feeling like PMS is pulling the strings

Maybe you…

Have been consulting Dr. Google about all the best natural remedies to clear your skin

Feel discouraged by the many elimination diets you have tried and are now feeling restricted to only a few food groups in the name of trying to clear your acne

Saw improvement while on Tretinoin/Accutane, Spironolactone, Antibiotics or Birth Control, even natural supplements but eventually your acne got worse. Or you stopped taking it and it came back with a vengeance.

But by…

Focusing on nourishment

Knowing exactly how to support your body to clear your skin from the inside out + perk also support balanced hormones and better digestion

And addressing stress using methods beyond traditional self-care

…without spending hundreds of dollars on experimental skincare
…without having to invest more time into DIY-ing your health
…without feeling trapped in a restrictive diet + fitness routine
…and without having to work with multiple specialists to target those specific symptoms

As a matter of fact, I was stuck in food restriction and doing “all the things” health-wise and still…my skin and my cycle weren’t letting up.

After 3 months of supporting my hormones with an internal, root-cause approach, I had no new cystic acne and as a bonus, I had a seamless, cramp-free cycle. 

I knew I was onto something!
Fast forward 6 years, and I’ve been able to maintain cystic-free skin all thanks to the principles covered in this course.

Have you tried to clear your skin with retinoids, salicylic acid, even clay masks?

Let me let you in on a little secret…

Acne is actually an inside job and here’s why…

At the root, acne can be linked to hormone imbalances, poor gut health, even stress.

That is why my method is to take the holistic approach to truly support to clearing your skin from the inside out.

Here’s a look at the Curriculum:


This first module consists of welcoming you to the course, and giving you an overview of what to expect from each module. I’ll be sharing a bit of my personal story and experience with cystic acne, hormone imbalance and gut issues. Then the focus shifts to your WHY for taking this course. And I tackle some of the side effects of conventional methods of resolving acne.


Does your weekly meal plan leave you feeling lost? In this module I’ll be sharing the basics of quality food sourcing and how nutrient-density directly correlates with hormone balance and gut health which in turn impacts skin integrity. And I will be sharing some budget hacks I have learned over the years to make nourishment a bit more attainable.


You don’t need to be drinking a gallon of water everyday…Read that again. Hydration is crucial for many bodily functions but if you’re doing it wrong, it could be counter-productive. The key is to make sure you are hydrating on a cellular level and not simply guzzling until your urine is clear.


This module is all about restoring the integrity of the gut lining. If our skin is a reflection of imbalance within the body, one of the first things to address is the state of your gut. I’ve got a special gut check self-assessment, free at-home food trigger worksheet, and tips on how to reduce common symptoms such as bloat, heartburn, constipation and more. I will also be teaching you techniques in maintaining the gut lining to reduce inflammation. All of these play a major role in cycle and skin health.


My absolute favorite module! This was the game changer in my hormone balance journey. And I’ll bet it’s the missing piece you have yet to address. Blood sugar imbalance is one of the biggest factors that keeps the body in a fight-or-flight state which means hormones sit on the back burner. I am highlighting the best techniques to balance blood sugar, reduce cravings, and boost mood.


The skin is the largest elimination organ, but not the body’s preferred method of detoxification. If systems of the body are congested or over-burdened by internal and environmental stressors then it will purge bacteria and toxins through the skin. Sweating and saunas are great but it’s more beneficial to work with the body and it’s desired order of elimination. This isn’t a module about juice cleanses, rather a targeted approach to supporting the liver and gallbladder. Including specifics for post-gallbladder removal.


Stress management is essential when trying to balance hormones. If stress causes blood sugar to spike that’s not ideal. You will be auditing potential stressors by incorporating some time for monthly reflection. And of course health can’t be addressed without tackling the topic of fitness, but overexercising is such a common trend. You’ll be learning how to sync your workouts with the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle to honor those natural hormonal fluctuations + reduce stress.


Not only is it important to support detoxification pathways to ensure unwanted things are finding their way out, but as with everything, you can tackle health from multiple angles to boost effectiveness. You will learn about key ingredients to look out for in both your personal care products and kitchen tools. I have created an audit + swap checklist for you to use at your own pace. I have additional free resources you can use on the daily to learn more about sourcing non-toxic products.


Did you know that your skin goes through phases throughout the month just like your cycle? I will be sharing about how to recognize those shifts in skin consistency. And because clearing skin is just 1/2 of the equation, I included some of my favorite ways to resolve acne scarring.

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3 payments of $165/mo.

One payment of $397; use code “CLEAR” at checkout

3 payments of $165/mo.

Hi I’m Denae,

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Hormone Balance Advocate & Founder of Seeds of Sage Wellness

A few years ago I was dealing with persistent hormonal acne on my chin. After months of trying to DIY my health and do all the natural remedies I could find, I decided to get to the root.

After working with a Holistic Practitioner, I was able to achieve clear skin, and seamless periods! I learned that intense exercise 5 days per week, chugging a gallon of water everyday and eating a restrictive diet was not the answer to clearing my skin. It was only keeping me on the rollercoaster of stress, dysfunction and imbalance.


It’s from that experience that I decided to pursue the NTP certification so that I can help women just like you!

I have always wanted to create an online course but social media decided to speed up this project a bit! The demand for 1:1 services has increased beyond my capacity and I want to make sure I can help as many of you as I can and spread this information!

Still interested in working together 1:1? Don’t worry, I will be keeping 1:1 consults available. I just hope to be able to help more of you sooner than I could with those 1:1’s alone.

see what others have to say…

“I was truly blown away at how comprehensive the Cystic to Confident Course was!

As a fellow NTP, I know it’s no secret that healing the skin starts from within and needs to be approached from a root cause angle. So many moving pieces have to be addressed (hydration, nutrition, gut health, detoxification, blood sugar… the list goes on and on), but they are ALL covered in this course. While this information can often feel complex and overwhelming, Denae provides a great amount of detail around each topic- yet simplifies the talking points to make it incredibly digestible for students working through the course. I especially loved how within each module or lesson, Denae provides worksheets, recipes, guides, and other resources to ensure that students feel empowered in their unique acne healing journey. 

As a practitioner, it’s impossible to give a “quick fix” answer when it comes to acne, knowing how complex healing can be. This is why I am thrilled to now be able to refer women to such a comprehensive course- that simplifies the complex and empowers women to finally feel confident in their own skin!”

-Kelsie Anderson, FNTP, @bunsinbalance

“This course has changed the way I approach my acne.

It has taught me that it is a holistic problem and actually is a warning sign that something in my body is off balance. I have been struggling with acne for over 12 years. In the past, the only way I have been told to treat acne is through medications and creams which have had their own side effects and did little to no impact on my skin. It is so fresh to gain a new perspective on how to actually solve the underlying problem. My favorite thing about the course is that it is interactive including, worksheets, action steps and a facebook group for additional resources or questions. Each module also comes with recommendations on where to find specific items to support your health making it easy to implement any products. My favorite module was learning about how to balance my blood sugar – I literally hit every single red flag! I am excited to see how implementing items in this course effects not just my skin but my overall health. Thank you so much Denae for sharing your wealth of knowledge.”

-Katelyn P.

“This program equipped me with a baseline level of knowledge and digestible action items that I fully trust will help me not just heal my acne but also pursue a more well-rounded hormone healthy lifestyle.

Anyone who has struggled with acne knows there’s a plethora of quick fixes on the market, many of which lead to more frustration and disappointment. Denae’s Cystic to Confident course helped me understand that healing acne at the root is a process that takes patience and commitment. I particularly love that Denae is mindful of accessibility and affordability when considering lifestyle changes as prioritizing quality sometimes comes with a cost. The grocery store list and various product links and discounts are an added perk that I totally didn’t expect! Thank you Denae for being so mindful as you prepared this course. I know my skin and gut are already more healthy and happy after chipping away at the changes you’ve suggested. I can’t wait for other women to experience holistic healing that will yield internal and external changes.”

-Cara Lane C.

I have struggled with hormonal chin breakouts for years! I had cut gluten, dairy and minimized sugar and still I struggled!

I’ve incorporated dandelion tea, collagen in my coffee, whole milk products and pairing a fat a protein when I eat! I’m amazed! I haven’t had a cystic breakout in months! I’ve even been eating ice cream occasionally (which I hadn’t done in forever!) I’m also amazed at how I don’t feel bloated after dairy anymore! My cycles have also been pain free! Amazing! Thanks so much! 

-Hannah Z. (IG)

Check out what’s included:

  • 10 curated modules
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Food quality education, My go-to budget tips + Grocery Essentials Handout
  • Gut Health Assessment + Tailored Recommendations
  • Blood Sugar Basics + Self-care practices to rein in the stress & support hormones
  • Education on how to safely and gently detox so that those toxins aren’t redirected to your skin
  • Hormone + menstrual cycle education as it relates + provides insight into your overall health
  • 15% Discount on Professional Grade Supplements

Handouts & Worksheets:

  • Defining your Why Worksheet
  • Grocery Essentials Guide
  • Seasonal Produce Guide
  • Go-To Recipes + Snack Guide
  • Gut Check Self-Assessment
  • Pulse Test Food Trigger Worksheet
  • Food & Mood Log
  • Cycle Syncing Guide
  • Monthly Stress Audit Worksheet
  • Liver Lovin’ Guide
  • Audit + Swap Checklist
  • Course Recommendations Handout

I feel equipped to take my health into my own hands!

I am proud that I eat breakfast most days now and I feel hungry enough to enjoy eating! I notice the rest of the day I feel energetic and balanced as well. -Sarah

It is so fresh to gain a new perspective on how to actually solve the underlying problem.


Cystic to Confident is a self-paced, 100% online program with the exact steps you need to take in order to have clearer skin that empowers you to feel confident walking out the door makeup-free!

And the bonus of my method is that we are supporting your entire health which is going to enable you to…
  • Feel energized all day long without needing a 2nd cup of coffee
  • Walk away from meals feeling satisfied but not stuffed
  • Get through the day WITHOUT feeling hangry
  • Be able to nourish your body sustainably without restriction
  • Build resilience to stressors
  • And feel confident and connected to YOUR body!

Who can benefit from this course?

Menstruating women that are:

-Young adults

-High school + college students


  • Those looking to clear their skin. Who have tried everything diet wise, been googling their symptoms and are ready for a root cause, food and function approach.
  • Those currently on birth control and want to transition off but are scared about their acne flaring up again (these are the basic principles to support your body while on and if you decide to transition off HBC in the future)
  • *Many of the basic principles can apply to men as well. And most clients bring their significant others along for the ride. It’s actually very helpful to have that sense of accountability within the home.

Who is this not for?

Those looking for group coaching or 1:1 tailored support

I do offer a discount for my 1:1 services upon completion of the course but the program itself is self-paced. If you’re thinking about 1:1 support, I recommend taking this course first as it covers many basic principles that I usually tackle with clients. You’ll be a few steps ahead.

Those looking for a quick-fix solution

Hormone imbalance and digestive dysfunction didn’t develop overnight so it’s not realistic to expect balance to happen that quickly either. 

Those that aren’t interested in eating animal products

I believe hormone balance requires reduced stress and an increased need for nutrient-density. Animal products are far more nutrient-dense and offer many hormone supportive benefits.


The course starts now and never ends! Though I have written this course in a 3-month flow, you decide when you start and when you finish.

After enrolling you will have unlimited access to this course for as long as you would like and across any devices. In the event of an update in the future, you will be grandfathered into the newest version.

This course does not make any claims to diagnose, heal or treat any specific health issue. These are the techniques I used and continue to implement to achieve clear skin and balanced hormones. Please consult with your practitioner to determine what is best for you. No information in this course is to be taken as medical advice. 

The course is self-paced, but the minimum amount of time you will need to commit from start to finish is about 3-4 hours. This includes time to complete the assessments and worksheets. I have the curriculum setup to work through over the course of about 3 months. Though results may vary depending on consistency and individual commitment.

Due to the nature of the service this course is non-refundable. Once you have purchased the course and received the downloads, it’s yours for life!

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