HTMA Single Session

hair tissue mineral analysis

This functional test serves as a great way to take a look under the hood and make more connections between how you are feeling and where your body needs the most support. This functional test gives us an in-depth look at your current metabolic state including your thyroid and adrenal glands a.k.a. the main energy producers within the body.

On top of that, we will have a picture of your body’s current state of stress and the best foods and lifestyle practices to prioritize right now.

Wondering if your metabolism is fast or slow? The HTMA can tell us exactly that as well as carbohydrate tolerance, ideal macronutrient ratios and even ways in which your personality is being impacted by your mineral status.

Check out some other info you can learn from HTMA:

  • Insight into liver function and methylation pathways
  • Your metabolic type (currently)
  • The body’s ability to detoxify hormones
  • Conversion of usable energy
  • Influence on stomach acid production (hello sodium!)
  • Displacement of hormones
  • Effectiveness to breakdown carbs
  • Ability to absorb nutrients
  • The body’s capacity to handle stress currently

I truly believe that this test is something that every person can benefit from and it’s easy and affordable-which is an added bonus!

Space for this service is limited, book now below.

*This test is a informational tool only, not to be considered a diagnostic test.

Investment: $325

What’s included:

  • Cost of HTMA Functional Test + Analysis
  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) Analysis. A 320 question symptom burden analysis that pinpoints areas of dysfunction within the body.
  • 3-Day Food & Mood Journal Analysis
  • (1) 45-60 min call to discuss results, answer questions and provide a protocol focused on bio-individual dietary and lifestyle recommendations including an 8+ page report that connects the dots between mineral imbalances and the symptoms you’re experiencing.
  • (1) 15 min follow-up call for any additional questions and guidance you may need as you move forward with your customized recommendations

HTMA Single Session Application

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