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Thank you for your interest in Nutritional Therapy. I promise you won’t regret this decision. My goal is to take a look at your health from a holistic or whole body and functional perspective.

Here’s what you can look forward to in working together 1:1:

One initial 90 minute consult

Lab review recording

1 30-minute check in call per month (3 total)

Weekly check in’s with Denae via forms + follow-up messaging

Secure messaging support between calls

Functional testing included (HTMA + GI-MAP) *$430 value*

Customized protocols and adjustments as needed.

Investment: 4 payments of $560/mo.

If you’d like to learn more about what it looks like, you can check out more details here.

Please complete the following application so that I can get a better idea of where you are at currently on your health journey. You will also be able to select the best option for you based on what is currently available. You can expect a response within 24-48 hours, keep an eye out for an email from

* Please note the email address and check your spam/junk folders if you don’t see the reply in your inbox.

Nutritional Therapy Application

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City, State, Country *Functional testing not available for clients outside the US. Monthly cost will be reduced to reflect that change if we work together. For those in the US, GI-MAP testing is not available for clients in NY, NJ, RI. HTMA testing not available for clients in NY.
The more detail the better!
I currently have a few options to best serve you. Which one are you interested at this time?*
How committed are you to make this financial investment of 4 monthly installments of $560/mo. & making the necessary changes to feel better?*
Examples could be removing certain foods from your diet, trying new foods, taking targeted supplements, changing exercise habits, prioritizing self-care, etc. In order to experience the transformation that you desire in your health, you must be emotionally and financially invested and take personal responsibility for the role you play in your health.
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