Hydration 101

I know I know another blog post about water, but stick with me. 

Have you experienced any of these symptoms?



-dry mouth



-muscle cramps



-lowered ability to concentrate

-darker urine

Dehydration constitutes a drop of even 2% in the body’s water composition. And if you’re seeing any of these symptoms, it could mean that upping your daily water intake could be the solution.

Ideally, it’s good to aim for ½ your bodyweight in ounces per day, with a slight increase if you are sweating a lot, pregnant, breastfeeding, live at a higher altitude or dryer climate. 

Not only is it important to make sure you’re drinking adequate water daily, but making sure that you’re able to utilize it without stripping the body of certain minerals. A great way to make sure you’re taking advantage of the increase in water without 30 bathroom trips a day is to sprinkle a bit of sea salt or pink himalayan salt into your water. Now I said a sprinkle, so don’t go hard and try to drink the ocean everyday. Our bodies are intelligent and will use the electrolytes it needs and then release the rest. I used to be the gal guzzling a gallon a day, but I probably wasn’t helping my body as much as I thought. 

Here are some alternative electrolyte sources: trace mineral drops or coconut water

Why is hydration so crucial for optimal digestion and hormone balance?

Without sufficient water, our liver doesn’t have the proper tools to flush unwanted toxins and excess hormones. And if we are experiencing constipation as a result of dehydration, that can enable those offenders to keep on their merry way within our body. If estrogen dominance is something you’re struggling with, I would definitley recommend that you increase your water intake if it’s not at that optimal volume.

*One thing to take into consideration is if bloating, heartburn or acid reflux are things you are experiencing, I would aim to drink your water away from meals as it can actually further dilute your stomach acid. Ideally don’t drink 30 minutes before, after or during your meal. If you find that you rely on drinking something with your meal to help your food go down, that could be an indication your stomach acid is already low. I have worked with clients to naturally raise the stomach acid so that eating is a more pleasant experience. Feel free to reach out or sign up to work with me 1:1 to determine the best course of action for you.

My go-to Electrolyte Drink:

One of my favorite electrolyte drinks that is excellent for our digestion as well is this one.

-Glass of filtered water

-½ lemon juiced

-sprinkle of Redmond’s Real Salt

-a free drops of liquid stevia

It tastes like you’re back at your high school’s football game if you know what I mean 😉

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